Eleven Keys to Success

  1. Timing
    Make sure timing is appropriate to have a local election.
  2. Specific Plan
    Have a specific plan in place and be prepared to handle the upcoming election.
  3. Simple Issue
    Make sure the issue is a simple issue, not too complicated to comprehend.
  4. Champion(s)
    Identify a champion or someone local in charge of the campaign voters can connect with.
  5. Clear Benefits
    Make sure there are clear benefits to the voters. "What's in it for them?" Clearly answer this question.
  6. Public Involvement
    It's essential that there is a public involvement plan that is strategic and inclusive.
  7. Listen to Community
    Keep your eyes and ears open throughout the election process. Be prepared to answer the concerns of the community quickly.
  8. Regional Balance
    Your plan should include a regional balance of transportation options.
  9. Governance/Accountability
    Your plan should be responsible and show accountability. No "blank check" proposals.
  10. Creative Solutions
    Be creative in deciding the proposal you plan to put before voters. Ensure that you have considered all options.
  11. Adequate Funding
    Make sure your proposal will provide adequate funding for your project or your proposal.