2016 Election Results:

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Flagstaff, AZ:  Pass, 71%-29% (Win)
Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA:  Pass, 82%-18% (Win)
Contra Costa County, CA:  Fail, 63%-37% (Loss)
Los Angeles County, CA:  Pass, 70%-30% (Win)
Merced County, CA:  Pass, 69%-31% (Win)
Monterey County, CA:  Pass, 69%-31% (Win)
Placer County, CA:  Fail, 64%-36% (Loss)
Sacramento County, CA:  Fail, 66%-34% (Loss)
San Diego, CA:  Fail, 57%-43% (Loss)
San Francisco, CA (creating fund):  Pass, 66%-34% (Win)
San Francisco, CA (spending mechanism):  Fail, 35%-65% (Loss)
San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA:  Pass, 70%-30% (Win)
San Luis Obispo County, CA:  Fail, 65%-35% (Loss)
Santa Clara County, CA:  Pass, 71%-29% (Win)
Santa Cruz, CA:  Pass, 67%-33% (Win)
Stanislaus County, CA:  Pass, 71%-29% (Win)
Statewide California:  Fail, 48%-52% (Win)
Ventura County, CA:  Fail, 57%-43% (Loss)
Boulder County, CO:  Pass, 69%-31% (Win)
Lafayette, CO:  Fail, 45.5%-54.5% (Loss)
Routt County, CO:  Pass, 62%-38% (Win)
Broward County, FL:  Fail, Transpo. Measure passed 51%-49%, but infrastructure measure failed 61%-38%. Both had to pass for either to move forward (Loss)
Atlanta, GA:  Pass, 72%-28% (Win)
Statewide, IL:  Pass, 79%-21% (Win)
Marion County, IN:  Pass, 59%-41% (Win)
Prince George's County, MD:  Pass, 85%-15% (Win)
Statewide ME:  Pass, 61%-39% (Win)
Eaton County, MI:  Pass, 70%-30% (Win)
Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw County, MI:  Fail, 49.5%-50.5% (Loss)
Greensboro, NC:  Pass, 73%-27% (Win)
Wake County, NC: Pass, 53%-47% (Win)
Statewide, NJ:  Pass, 54%-46% (Win)
Franklin County, OH:  Pass, 72%-28% (Win)
Lorain County, OH:  Fail, 26%-74% (Loss)
Lucas County, OH:  Pass, 58%-41% (Win)
Stark County, OH:  Pass, 63%-37% (Win)
Tigard County, OR:  Pass, 50%-49% (Win)
Charleston, SC:  Pass, 51%-49% (Win)
Lago Vista, TX:  Pass, 56%-44% (Win)
Richland Hills, TX:  Fail, 45%-55% (Loss)
Summit County, UT:  Pass, 69%-31% (Win)
Washington County, UT:  Fail, 48% - 52% (Loss)
Arlington County, VA:  Pass, 76%-24% (Win)
Fairfax County, VA:  Pass, 64%-36% (Win)
Virginia Beach, VA:  Fail, 43%-57% (Loss)
Kitsap, WA:  Pass, 51%-49% (Win)
Seattle, WA:  Pass, 55%-45% (Win)
Spokane, WA:  Pass, 55%-44% (Win)
Jackson and Teton Counties, WY:  Fail, 44%-56% (Loss)

*NOTE:  Election Results based on unofficial election results and subject to changes as vote tallies are finalized.

2016 Transit Ballot Measures in Context

2016 is a historic year for transit ballot measures!  With 78 measures on ballots in 26 states nationwide, this year represents the largest number of transit measures on record.  Furthermore, on November 8th, voters will consider nearly $200 billion in potential transit investment through 50 measures at the ballot box.

Since CFTE began monitoring measures in 2000, transit ballot initiatives have enjoyed an average 71 percent success rate.

Transit Ballot Measure Annual Success Rates (2000-2015)

This year, voters in communities large and small nationwide will consider ballot initiatives for public transportation.

2016 Transit Ballot Initiatives

While these measures can take different forms, the vast majority are either sales tax or property tax measures.

Types of Transit Ballot Measures in 2016

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