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Date Event City
08/14/2012 2012 State Public Transportation Partnership Conference Chicago, IL
CFTE is sponsoring the final general session of the conference, "Refining Messaging for Congress and State Legislators."
10/16/2012 2012 Rail~Volution Los Angeles, CA
CFTE will be speaking on a panel dedicated to ballot-box financing and participating in the annual NAPTA meeting.
10/25/2012 Regional Symposium on Implementing Transit Nashville, TN
CFTE will be represented on a panel focused on overcoming funding challenges in a fiscally‐constrained environment.
11/08/2012 Webinar: 2012 Transit Election Results & Trends
Join CFTE and NAPTA for a free webinar detailing the results of transit ballot measures on Election Day and throughout 2012.
02/05/2013 2013 SWTA Annual Conference & EXPO Little Rock, AR
CFTE will be represented on two panels at this annual event: Winning Local Initiatives and Continuing the Dialog: Effective Communication with all Stakeholders.
06/23/2013 2013 Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference Atlanta, GA
Our next TIC Conference is scheduled for June 23-26, 2013 in Atlanta, GA! Join us to prepare for your community's next transit measure by engaging with elected officials, campaign managers, agency & MPO staff, coalition members, and transit advocates to learn from the great transit campaigns of the past few years!
10/20/2013 2013 Rail~Volution Seattle, WA
CFTE will be participating in the NAPTA luncheon and Monday afternoon's workshop on "Friends of Transit: Winners and The Rest."
11/12/2013 Webinar: Transit Election Trends
Understanding what election data and legislative activity from the past and present tells us about the future
01/14/2014 Webinar: Getting Ready for the Ballot
Identifying your project, drafting a plan, and learning from past mistakes
02/13/2014 2014 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Denver, CO
CFTE will be moderating a session at the 2014 New Partners conference on working with the business community and conservatives for investment in sustainable infrastructure.
02/18/2014 Webinar: Funding Your Campaign
Where to start, who to approach, and how to budget
03/25/2014 Webinar: Making Friends for Transit Investment
Moving from key stakeholders to a broad coaltion of support
04/15/2014 Webinar: Going Multimodal at the Ballot Box
Investing in multiple active transportation projects to improve the community
05/13/2014 Measuring Up Washington DC
Transportation for America and the Center for Transportation Excellence invite you to this special half day event about state and local transportation funding campaigns at the ballot box and beyond. We want this event to be useful to you — so help us craft the agenda! Your registration information will help T4America and CFTE follow up with you in the coming weeks to hone the agenda and inform our selection of speakers, case studies, breakout table topics/experts. Register today!
05/13/2014 Webinar: Public Transportation Research
Fast facts, where to find them, and how to use them
11/10/2014 Transit Election Results and Trends Online
Join us to discuss how transit faired at the ballot box this year and what the key lessons learned were.
05/31/2015 2014 Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference Grand Rapids, Michigan
CFTE heads to Grand Rapids in 2015 to host our biennial Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference.

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