Transportation Ballot Measures

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Twin Cities, MN

Type: Sales Tax


Officials are talking about ways to fund transportation projects across the state.  Last year, the Governor proposed a sales tax to fund Twin Cities transit, in hopes of freeing up state and federal funding for other transportation needs elsewhere in the state.  That unfortunately never materialized.  Currently, the five counties in the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) are considering dissolving the board to get around the state legislature, where republicans have largely blocked metro-area transit funding in recent years.  All CTIB members may collect a quarter-cent sales tax and a $20 motor-vehicle sales tax for transit funding.  Non-CTIB members, however, may collect up to a half-cent for transportation more generally, including roads and bridges.  While this means the possibility of some funding going to transit in the region, it also could mean that transit will be forced to fight for a cut of the general transportation pot in counties where road repair is more popular.  Furthermore, it could inhibit any sort of comprehensive regional approach to building a transit network in the Twin Cities.

2017 Results
17 Measures

Win: 15
Loss:  2

Success Rate: 88%

2016 Results
23 States
77 Measures

Win: 55
Loss: 22


Success Rate: 71%


2015 Results
10 States
34 Measures

Win: 23
Loss: 11

Success Rate: 68%


2014 Results YTD
18 States
61 Measures

Win: 42
Loss: 19

Success Rate: 69%


2013 Results
8 States
15 Measures

Win: 11
Loss: 4

Success Rate: 73%