Transportation Ballot Measures

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Statewide, CO

Type: Sales Tax


Governor Hickenlooper and state legislators are planning to ask Colorado voters to approve a tax increase to support transportation projects around the state.  As it currently stands, the proposal calls for a temporary 20-year increase in the state‚Äôs sales tax from the current 2.9 percent to 3.52 percent, alongside a reduction in vehicle registration fees.  The tax hike would raise about $702 million a year and the fee reduction would cost about $75 million.  The proposal also calls for putting in another $50 million from existing resources, so in total, the measure would raise about $667 annually.  On March 21, members of the House Transportation and Energy Committee passed the proposed legislation along party lines.  It now goes to the House Finance Committee for consideration.

2017 Results
17 Measures

Win: 15
Loss:  2

Success Rate: 88%

2016 Results
23 States
77 Measures

Win: 55
Loss: 22


Success Rate: 71%


2015 Results
10 States
34 Measures

Win: 23
Loss: 11

Success Rate: 68%


2014 Results YTD
18 States
61 Measures

Win: 42
Loss: 19

Success Rate: 69%


2013 Results
8 States
15 Measures

Win: 11
Loss: 4

Success Rate: 73%