Transportation Ballot Measures

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Election Date:
November 08, 2016

Broward County, FL

Type: Sales Tax

Outcome: Loss

Results: Transportation Sales Tax: Failed, 61% - 38%. Infrastructure Sales Tax: Passed, 51%-48%

A 10-year transit plan released on October 1, 2013 signified the need for a future sales tax increase to support the county‚Äôs transportation. County Commissioners have found a compromise with the cities and proposed sending two half-cent sales taxes to the November ballot.  The new proposal allows the full penny sales tax to be collected for 30 years in Broward County.  Over that 30-year period, the additional penny sales tax is expected to generate a total of around $12.6 billion.  Half of the revenue is slated to go to the cities for infrastructure, half to the county for transportation, including light rail expansion.  Cities would be required to spend no less than 13 percent of their tax on road- or mobility-related projects.  An oversight board would help ensure the money is spent appropriately.  Both taxes would have to be approved by voters; if one failed, both would fail.  A final vote on sending the measure to the ballot is scheduled for June 22.

2017 Results
17 Measures

Win: 15
Loss:  2

Success Rate: 88%

2016 Results
23 States
77 Measures

Win: 55
Loss: 22


Success Rate: 71%


2015 Results
10 States
34 Measures

Win: 23
Loss: 11

Success Rate: 68%


2014 Results YTD
18 States
61 Measures

Win: 42
Loss: 19

Success Rate: 69%


2013 Results
8 States
15 Measures

Win: 11
Loss: 4

Success Rate: 73%