Transportation Ballot Measures

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Election Date:
December 11, 2012

Kansas City, MO

Type: Sales Tax

Outcome: Win

Results: Approved, 64%-36% and Approved, 63%-37%

A 1 cent, 25-year sales tax increase to be collected within the boundaries of the downtown streetcar district (Q1) This is a special mail-in election; ballots are mailed out October 30 and due back by December 11.

The ballot also includes (Q2) special assessments of 48 cents per $100 on commercial properties and 70 cents per $100 on residential properties and assessments on city-owend properties and surface parking lots. In total, this funding will be used to defray the cost of building the $100 million system.

Ballot applications are due by October 2.

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2014 Results YTD
18 States
59 Measures

Win: 42
Loss: 17

Success Rate: 71%


2013 Results
8 States
15 Measures

Win: 11
Loss: 4

Success Rate: 73%


2012 Results
17 States
62 Measures

Win: 49
Loss: 13

Success Rate: 79%