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Nashville, TN


Nashville is assembling a 25-year $5.4 billion regional transit plan, which would include light rail in Nashville and commuter rail in surrounding counties.  Officials are considering identifying dedicated local funding to pay for it, although no decisions have yet been made.  Any property tax increase would likely require public approval.  The Chamber of Commerce, a strong backer of the proposal, has said securing enabling legislation that would allow local governments to create their own dedicated funding sources for transportation projects is a priority in 2017.  Local jurisdictions need enabling legislation from the state general assembly to go to voters for transit tax measures, and discussions of including such language in pending transportation are ongoing.

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2016 Results
23 States
77 Measures

Win: 55
Loss: 22


Success Rate: 71%


2015 Results
10 States
34 Measures

Win: 23
Loss: 11

Success Rate: 68%


2014 Results YTD
18 States
61 Measures

Win: 42
Loss: 19

Success Rate: 69%


2013 Results
8 States
15 Measures

Win: 11
Loss: 4

Success Rate: 73%